About Me
Ms. Arachne Webster is the pseudonym of an opinionated, irreverent, sometimes unorthodox, imperfect feminist. I love stories in many forms including movies and television shows. I read everything from literary criticism to genre fiction. (I’m a sucker for juicy mysteries and suspense novels.) I started this blog to help me catch up on the classics I’ve always meant to read.


About the Blog
A Canon of One’s Own is dedicated to exploring the literary tradition of women writers. I’ll explore primarily English and American literature, then secondarily Western literature with occasional forays into world literature.


Comment Moderation
I moderate all comments. I do have a lot of other responsibilities, so it may take a day or so for your comments to appear. Please be patient. I reserve the right to reject or delete comments at my own discretion.


Review Copies
For now I prefer to read at my own whim, so I don’t accept review copies at this time.



I have either purchased a copy or borrowed from the library a copy of the books I write about.

Any items mentioned in Extra Treats or Musical Interlude posts are books, songs, movies, or television shows that I either stumbled upon or sought out for myself. I wrote about them simply because I enjoy them and saw a connection with the literary works under discussion.