Joining The Classics Club

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Dear Common Readers,

I finally signed up with The Classics Club. If you aren’t already familiar with it, the Classics Club Challenge is to read and blog about at least 50 literary classics in no more than 5 years. They loosely define “classic” as “written before 1960” for this challenge (see more here).

It was the club’s announcement of the Women’s Classic Literature Event for 2016, a year-long celebration of classic literature by women, which inspired me to join the club. In fact, I got so carried away that I put together a list of 100 literary classics by women writers for The Classics Club challenge just because I could.

I plan to complete this challenge by March 1, 2021. See my list here.

When selecting works by a given writer, I preferred the ones I haven’t read yet and the ones that I felt most drawn to read rather than always choosing the most famous work. (Okay, I did pick a few books that I’ve read before, but only a few.)

Of course the list is tentative and subject to change on a whim. This is an adventure, not an assignment! I’ll skip around or dig in as inspired.

Take fair warning: I won’t write spoiler-free reviews. Instead I will assume you’ve already read the book in question and are dying to discuss it, too.


Your sister reader,

Ms. Arachne


P.S. Edited to add The Classics Club badge with permission of The Classics Club on March 14, 2016