Dear Common Readers

Dear Common Readers,

Welcome to A Canon of One’s Own, a blog inspired in part by Virginia Woolf and her book A Room of One’s Own. In A Room of One’s Own Woolf emphasized the importance of intellectual freedom and of a literary tradition of women writers to produce great women poets. This blog is dedicated to all three.

So, the aims of this blog are:

  • to explore the literary tradition of women writers. I’ll be reading primarily English and U.S. American literature followed by Western literature in general with occasional forays into world literature.
  • to chronicle my adventures with The Classics Club challenge (more about this in my next post).
  • to read out of joy, not out of duty. There will be no “have-to” reading, only “want-to” reading.
  • to discover one’s own personal canon by considering each work and deciding if it belongs there.
  • to evaluate each work to decide if it belongs in one’s own canon or The Canon of Great Literature or both.


I’m neither a scholar nor a literary critic, so I won’t post traditional spoiler-free reviews. Instead, I want to explore the aspects of each work that most interest me using art and music as well as the written word. We may also conduct a few literary experiments of our own as inspired by specific works.

I hope you’ll join me.


Your sister reader,

Ms. Arachne Webster